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Ulysse Nardin Replica

The 2015 model was released in two gold variations: rose gold with black ceramic or titanium lugs, and white gold with titanium. The new additions are in the same precious metals as their predecessors. FB 1.1-2 comes in white gold and FB 1.2 is available with rose gold.

The 2019 editions are essentially the same FB 1 that we love and know.Richard Mille Replica Watches What makes them special is the exclusive decoration and the amazing new finishes, both on the dial and the caseback. Both new editions have a limited production of five pieces.

Hand-Engraved patinated gold dial

The new watches are available in several finishes. One of them is a hand-engraved, patinated golden dial. The FB 1's distinctive design, with its pillar-type mechanism in the center, leaves most of the face clean. It is a blank canvas that allows the Fleurier craftsmen to express themselves freely. The patina was created by hand. The surface was crafted with a "rocker", a tool that uses gold finely grained using a graver to create a shimmering moire design, which is also reminiscent of the natural patina found on the dials of the astronomical watch No. The original FB 1 was inspired by the 3rd generation FB.

Hand-setting the crown on the 2019 FB 1

The FB 1 is engraved.

The FB 1.1-2 has been further adorned by hand engravings which make each piece unique. "Ulysse Nardin Replica - Chronometre - Val-de-Travers - Suisse", followed by the limited edition number.omega seamaster replica On the dial, the words that indicate the power reserve are hand-engraved. "Haut", "Bas", or high and low.

The engraving work on the FB 1 was done by hand.

Pyramid Engraving

The casebacks of the new editions feature a different style of original finish, with a motif of stacked pyramids that covers the surface of all three half-bridges. The material was cut by hand using a graver. The base of a clock by Ulysse Nardin Replica at the L.U.CEUM, Fleurier, inspired the pyramid decoration.

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