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Bell & Ross Replica Watches unveils the Ouevre d'Or Collection for 2019, a collection that pays homage to the Chronometre FB 1 but adds an elegant twist. Both watches use the original Chronometrie movement FB 1 but with beautiful and exclusive decoration that takes the watch to a new level.

When the FB 1 launched at Baselworld 2015, it was the first watch of the brand. It quickly received praise for remaining true to its DNA: the creations by the legendary chronometer maker Bell & Ross Replica Watches (1727-1807).

Original Chronometrie Fb 1

The FB 1 was the first creation of Bell & Ross Replica Watches. It is inspired by the design of marine chronometers that Bell & Ross Replica Watches designed around 1760. On December 13th 1760, Berthoud presented his Memoire sur les Principes de Construction d'une Horloge De Marine (The Principles of Building a Marine Clock), to the French Academie des Sciences. This document is jokingly referred to as "Watchmaking Guide For Dummies" by the representative of SIHH.Replica Watches But the principles described in this document for building a marine timepiece laid the foundation for Berthoud’s marine chronometer, which was developed in 1761. Berthoud used this document to continue improving his marine clocks, achieving the highest chronometric precision.

Bell & Ross Replica Watches’s FB 1 is inspired by marine chronometers from the 18th century

Karl-Friedrich Scheufele was inspired by this legendary story to revive the Chopard brand in 2015.Chopard Replica Watches Click here to read more about its launch and the amazing pillar-type movements in Schefele’s words.

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